jungmisul. art by jungmi.


My name is Kate, and I’m a Korean-American actor, photographer, and visual artist based in Los Angeles, CA. Jung-Mi (정미) is my Korean name, and misul (미술) is the Korean word for “art” or “fine art”. Previously known as doyomi (도요미) and running my small business under the name doyochijya (도요치쟈), I decided to rebrand myself for ease and accessibility as I expand my work as a visual artist and illustrator.

I hope you check out my portfolio below. New changes are coming with my Etsy shop and my print shop, and I thank you for your continued support as we grow and adapt into a more professional business.



bride on standby
next time
space goldfish
drunk fruit - halloween
chill fox

Shopify and Etsy

Formerly doyochijya (도요치쟈), in the interest of my continued professional path in illustration and design, I have decided to change my shop and business names. It’s not a decision I’ve chosen lightly, but I think it will be better in the long run. Farewell, doyochijya~ I am currently on hiatus with my Etsy store, but I’ve started selling prints on Shopify. Stickers, enamel pins, and washi tape will also be added there eventually.

Third-Party Print Shop

I also sell a small number of prints through the wonderful website, Inprnt. Their prints are high quality and they package and ship with excellence. Click here.


Questions? Are you interested in commissioned work and curious about rates? Contact me through this form, or e-mail me directly at kate.marley.is@gmail.com.